Common Questions: Certification Question

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With a blended course, you take the cognitive test/challenge portion of your certification online with ProTrainings and print out our blended course certificate.

To print the blended course temporary certificate and skills checklist, after passing and paying for the online test, click the blended course instruction link on the receipt page or from the home page action link.

Be sure to bring this certificate to an instructor of your choosing or designated trainer for your employer, where your  hands-on skills will be evaluated, usually in a 30-45 minute session.  After the skill evaluation, the hands on instructor will co-sign the back of your card and mark your blended portion complete through their instructor dashboard for issue of the professional blended course card.

If your employer doesn't have a recommended instructor, try going to and checking for an approved evaluator in your area or give a call to your local fire station or ambulance company. Skill evaluators usually charge between $20 and $40 for this service.

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If you chose to do a course 100% online and you wanted to do the blended program, or if you chose the blended program by mistake and wish to do a course 100% online, just log in and go to your dashboard (click home), then click the "actions" button next to the course you took, and choose the "convert to 100% online" or "convert to blended program" option.

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